Solang Valley Beas Kund Trek Kullu

Solang Valley-Beas Kund (3540m) - A beautiful valley, easily accessible from Manali. A road is being constructed along the river bed in connection with a proposed tunnel to be driven from Dhundi under the mountain northwards into the Lahaul Valley. This may spoil some of the attractive surroundings. Beas kund is a base camp for climbing expeditions. From Dhundi an alternative way back via Shigara Dug camp ground (3500m) on the Rohtang Pass Road. From this alternative one can also climb the trekking peak Patalsu (4472m).

Duration: Maximum - 02 to 03 Days
All the treks of Kullu (Himachal Pradesh India) is connected by 'our coach' with Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu and Srinagar.


Day 01:

  • Manali-Dhundi (2840m) 19km Take a bus, jeep or taxi to Palchan, a small picturesque village 9km North of Manali at the entrance to Solang Nala Valley. After the village go along main road for 200m to a sharp right bend; the Solang track goes straight ahead and descends for 200m to a bridge over the river, then mounting for 1km through tall conifers to Solang Nala camping ground. A metalled road can also be seen winding from above into the Solang. NW along the S side of the valley, climbing comfortably to a small Nepali settlement in 30 min. After this, undulating for a time, the path becomes boulder strewn (15min), up to an old moraine in another 30 min. Go along moraine for 1h 30, then cross the Solang river and ascend to Dhundi camp site; say 3h 30 from small hotel. Hanuman Tibba dominates the western skyline.

  • Day 02:

  • FDhundi-Beas Kund (3540m) 6km follow the N bank of the Solang; after ascending a little for 15min the path bears right, descends and crosses a stream. Then cross a ridge, slant right and ascend steeply along a branch of the ridge for 30 min. Then work left, traversing slopes for 2km, cross a log bridge and reach Bakar Thach, about 3km from dhundi. A side path is seen to the right; it leads to Lady Leg in some 2-3h of stiff walking and serves as the base camp for climbing Friendship Peak (5289m). Beyond Bakar Thach the path continues on S side of the Solang and some distance from the river. It goes up over meadows for 1h, then round a ridge, turns right and drops steeply to the level ground at Beas Kund in 1h more.
  • Solang La (4996m)

    Variously called Tentu/Taintu Pass, a serious route for trekkers under the North ridge of Hanuman Tibba, over the Bara Banghal Range, into the Chamba district. The East side above Beas Kund is normally done in 2 days, up a long loose gully and partly crevassed snow slopes, Grade 1+. The Chamba side is more straightforward.
    Dhundi-Patalsu peak (4472m)-Marhi - With several vague stretches of path, route finding can be a problem; so a good local guide will be invaluable. Stopovers are in various shepherds' settlements and meadows. Best Period: 10-30 June and 10 August to 10 October. From Dhundi (2840m), see previous trek, follow a path NE up the W side of Seri Nala for some distance until it crosses the stream and ascends a forested ridge on the East side to Maihli Thach, a shepherds' camp ground. Steering North East the path crosses Rawla Nala and climbs a ridge to Lorla Thach. it continues in the same direction with several ups and downs to Shigara Dug camp (3500m). Onward through dense forest the trail mounts steeply to Patalsu Thach, below the peak of this name. Now head towards the NE ridge of the peak which is attained about 100m below the summit. Go up ridge easily to top. Return down the ridge then break off down its East flank, cross a stream and reascend to Dashur Lake (4150m). Thereafter the path is well defined. Bear right (South East) and descend comfortably to join the Rohtang road near Rani Nala, where it makes a big loop. Walk down road to Marhi.

    Bhirgu Lake

    Concealed in the recess of two ridges about 8km South East of Rohtang Pass, this attractive lake (4270m) can be approached either from Vishisht, near Manali, or from Gulaba, much higher up the road. The former involves a steep 200m section, and the usual way is from Gulaba, about halfway between Manali and Rohtang Pass. Take a local bus and get off at the milestone from where the pass is indicate as 26km. About 50 paces up from the milestone, the road makes a sharp turn. The lake trail goes of towards right here, up grassy slopes dotted with Himalayan oak and reaches the crest of a spur in 45 min; shepherds' settlements are seen on the way. The path bears left and traverses the slope of a ridge through thick forest for 15 min, to a spot where Kulang Nala is seen rushing down 200m below.
    Now the path bears sharp left (North East) and continuous through the narrow Kulang Valley. After 15 min it drops to the Kulang stream, crosses it and re-ascends the opposite side to attain the enclosing ridge in 2h. Go on for 30 min to an overnight camp ground. Beyond, cross the small stream of Chhor Nala and go upwards over slopes to a ridge crest in 4-5h. The lake is seen just on the other side of the ridge. Alternative ways back include paths working NW directly towards the top of Rohtang Pass, or descending the lake outfall for several km to cross a ridge to the W and go down another stream to Vishisht.