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Uttaranchal Glaciers

Indian scientists studying Himalayan glaciers fear an acute shortage of natural drinking water in Himachal Pradesh state based on studies of the Beas and Baspa basins from 1962 to 2001.

About 67 percent of the nearly 12,124 square miles of Himalayan glaciers are receding and in the long run as the ice diminishes, glacial runoffs in summer and river flows will also go down, leading to severe water shortages in the region.

The Gangotri glacier, the source of the Ganga, India's holiest river, is retreating 75 feet a year. And the Khumbu Glacier in Nepal, where Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay began their ascent of Everest, has lost more than 3 miles since they climbed the mountain in 1953.


Region : Garhwal, Uttaranchal
Local Name Bamak
Altitude Variation : 5,600m To 6,000m
Best Time to Go

Throughout Summer And Autumn Season.

Doriani or Dokriani ‘Bamak’ is a well-developed medium sized glacier of the Bhagirathi basin. The glacier is formed by two cirques, originating at the northern slope of Draupadi Ka Danda and Jaonli Peak, 5,600 m and 6,000 m respectively. The glacier is 5-km long and flows in the northwest direction terminating at an elevation of 3,800m.

Bandar Punch Glaciers

Region : Garhwal, Uttaranchal
Significance Important Glacier of The Yamuna River Basin
Altitude Variation : 6,316m To 6,387m
Best Time to Go

Throughout Summer And Autumn Season.

Bandarpunch is an important glacier of Yamuna river basin. The glacier is 12-km long situated on the northern slopes of Bandarpunch Peak (6,316m), Bandarpunch West (6,102 m) and Khatling peak (6387 m). The glacier is formed by three cirque glaciers and later joins the Yamuna River. It lies on a gentle slope and is bounded by lateral moraines, which indicate the last surface level of the glacier.

Khatling Glacier

Region : Garhwal, Uttaranchal
Local Name Bamak
Altitude Variation : 6,316m To 6,387m
Best Time to Go

Throughout Summer And Autumn Season.

This lateral glacier situated in Tehri district is the source of river Bhilangna. Snow peaks of the Jogin group, Sphetic Pristwar, Barte Kauter Kirti Stambh and Meru surround the glacier. The moraines on the side of the glaciers look like standing walls of gravel mud.

Chorbari Bamak Glacier

Region : Garhwal, Uttaranchal
Lake Formed by Glacier Bamak
Altitude Variation : 600m To 3,800m
Best Time to Go

Throughout Summer And Autumn Season.

Chorbari Bamak glacier is situated in Rudraprayag district of Uttaranchal the glacier is 6-km. Long and originates from the southern slope of Kedar-dome, Bhartekhunta and Kirti Stambh and this hill range is the water divide which separates the gangotri group of glaciers and the Chorbari glacier.

Several hanging glaciers and avalanche chutes feed the glacier. The lower part of the glacier is covered by thick debris and bounded by huge deposits of lateral moraines. The glacier starts from its accumulation zone (600m) and terminates at an elevation of 3,800 m, from where a snow/ ice melt stream originates, called “Mandakini” and merges into the Alaknanda River at Rudraprayag.

Dunagiri Glacier

Region Garhwal, Uttaranchal
Significance Important Glacier Of Dhauli Ganga System
Altitude Variation 5,150m To 4,240m
Best Time to Go

Throughout Summer And Autumn Season.

Doonagiri glacier is one of the important glaciers of Dhauli Ganga system of glaciers where more than 500 glaciers, of different shapes and sizes lie in the deep and narrow valleys. The important glaciers here are: Changbang, Girthi, Hoti and Niti glaciers. Doonagiri glacier is 5.5-km long, extending between an elevation from it head 5,150m to the snout 4,240m, which is the terminal point of the glacier. A stream originating from the glacier merges into Dhauli Ganga near the Juma village. b More Glaciers in Uttaranchal

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